A Farm Home For Foster Teenagers

“Compassion and care for foster teens”

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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

To help as many young people as possible.

To provide a dedicated, family home to teenagers who don’t have one.

To give them what is every child’s right – a home environment that offers love, respect and boundaries.

We want to break the cycle of abuse and addiction.

To provide an alternative solution to foster group homes.

Who We Are

We are an independent, community based organisation established by a determined and passionate handful of individuals who want to help the worryingly high number of young teens in Australia who don’t have a permanent foster placement.

What's Wrong

These young people are currently housed in motel rooms or in residential group homes and supervised by a rotating roster of youth workers.

These young people deserve a whole lot better.


We have a core purpose – to lift vulnerable young people out of trauma, affirm their worth and support them as they develop a new path for their life.

We do this by providing a dedicated, loving family home to teenagers who have been denied what is every child’s right – to establish emotional connections and experience love, respect, safety and boundaries.

The young people that come to live with us have been subjected to horrific domestic violence, sexual and emotional abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. They have then been moved around multiple foster care placements before being brought to us. We mindfully work on breaking the cycle of neglect, abuse and hopelessness that our teens have experienced so they can heal and take their place in the world.

break the cycle for foster kids

They Deserve

A chance to heal

The healing process for these kids needs careful consideration. These children have mostly endured extremely unpleasant and challenging life experiences so therefore conventional mainstream models won’t work for them.

A chance to live

In a loving, safe, inclusive environment. As close to a family model as possible…

A chance for education

We need to give them a chance to be educated but not necessarily in a conventional mainstream classroom environment.

A chance for relationships

We need to GIVE THEM A CHANCE to form meaningful relationships based on trust. A program delivered by positive, kind adult mentors who can use firm but kind behaviour management strategies to slowly rebuild confidence and motivation.

In The Media



“Where do you use the donated money?”

An excellent and fair question…

The most valuable thing that can be given to these children is



Please help us help them – You’ve heard that expression… “It takes a village….”

DONATED FUNDS are channelled into:

  • Paying professionals to conduct educational workshops.
  • Paying mentors to spend time on the farm sharing their practical knowledge in a hands on way.
break the cycle for foster kids


Teaching children about animal care and how to practically manage animals in a farm setting. 


Explore what foods can be planted and harvested on the farm; learn the basics of cooking and the importance of using fresh ingredients to maintain health and well being.


Teaching children about self sufficiency and sustainability using the farm to illustrate these concepts. Explore the basics of where our food comes from, how it is grown and processed for sale.


To encourage children to understand about the fundamentals of growing food , preparing the soil; reducing organic bin waste by composting.


Teaching basic skills involved in maintaining a vehicle eg: engine care, changing tyres etc.


Music Lessons

Carpenters / Builders

Instruct children in basic carpentry and help design and build proposed treehouses. 


explain budgeting, tax, superannuation, etc..